Drawing with a brush

I’ve been drawing with an ink brush lately and ditched the pencils in an attempt to add a little more vitality to my drawings. So no more “cheating” with an under-drawing and then going over it with ink as i usually do. If you’ve been following this blog (all three of you) then you’ve probably began to notice this is recurring theme on this site. I’ve made several posts about drawing with a pen to allow for bolder lines specifically for the purpose of translating that direct drawing method to canvas so I may create more energetic oil paintings. But lately I’ve been turning these exercises into more finished drawings in and of themselves. I just wish I could make that jump to the canvas without the mental block that has afflicted me when I paint. Maybe one of these days I’ll let go and start painting directly from my nervous system.


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Baseball sketches…..

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Rocket Man (digital sketch)


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.CRas Es Noster


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Sketch – Ink & Marker wash with chalk highlights (on newsprint paper)

Going forward I’ll post more random sketches since I rarely have time to complete and upload more finished work to the site. It out of necessity since I need to keep a constant flow of posts. No, it’s not to draw traffic to the blog because I think there might be one person in Alaska who actually looks at this site anyways. It to combat the sense of malaise and hopelessness that follows days or even weeks (hell, even months) of not producing anything due to time constraints in general and my own internal highs and lows. Don’t worry – I won’t bore you with my inner life. Just be forewarned that future posts will include the rougher side of my work. Sometimes, it’s better than the finished product. I found this gentlemen randomly from “Humans of New York”. It’s a deep well of fascinating faces and poses. I recommend looking it up and reading some of the stories. It’s just more proof that we should’t judge people so quickly.



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The process…..

My favorite thing to research about other artists’ is their creative process. Whenever I discover a new artist I try to find those initial sketches or concepts that show the artists’ main intentions. What was the idea that forced itself out of his/her mind, traversed down his/her arm and exploded through his/her fingers and onto a blank surface. It all starts somewhere. For me, everything starts with a doodle. Graphite, typically, which is just a fancy way of saying a Number 2 pencil. If I think it’s worthy of another look I’ll scan into the computer and throw some digital paint on it. Before you know it, what started as an itty bitty drawing on the 2″ X 2″ post-it pad becomes a scene for a space opera…..

gytf fgh3gytf fgh3 copy


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