Sketchbooks – Disciple Concept art

I believe I’m getting closer to the aesthetic I’ve been searching for. Elements of Art Deco, ancient Egyptian and cyberpunk have been seeping into things. But I want to retain a menacing sense of the alien – especially for anything that Arcus and Jenna would wear, create or ride in.

orb2 1 copy


zor1chalk1 copy

Hiroto’s bionic suit is challenging but fun. It has to be believable in the sense that it it would allow a mortal human to lift a car, ¬†withstand the sound barrier in flight mode, not to mention carry a small assortment of weaponry that is directly powered by the suit itself. So yeah, there are some technical aspects that need to be considered. A fun way to sketch some of these things out is by doing some “chalk boarding”. Yep, that’s right, like you’re drawing on a chalkboard. It’s turned to be a nostalgic way to work out some of these considerations and you’ll be seeing some more of these going forward.

Here’s a quick sketch of the right arm gauntlet, which houses Hiroto’s plasma shield.


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Lunch break doodles – With special thanks to Mr. Klimt

Since time is something I don’t have anymore I try to sneak in a sketch on my lunch breaks (whenever I’m not working through lunch, that is). By virtue of the time constraints of an office break these are generally done in about 5-7 minutes. More than anything these little lightning rounds in my cubicle have taught me about making direct marks and relying on bolder splashes of color. And those bolder splashes of color are a result of having only three “colors” to work with: blue highlighter, pink highlighter and, my favorite, green highlighter. Yeah, I know, my life is thrilling.

When I’m lacking inspiration (which is often) I’ll turn to one of my teachers for help. Yeah, I know, they’re all dead and I can’t ask them questions, but whatever, you get what I’m saying. Professor Gustave Klimt is one of my favorites and I’ve always appreciated his appreciation of a subject that deserves……appreciation.

Sharpie marker, Blue/Red/Green high-lighter, white-out, pencil


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Sketchbooks – Disciple concept art (graphite & marker)

My sketchbooks are beginning to fill up and I’ve noticed that a lot of the things I’ve been doodling for years are coalescing into this little story I want to tell. I’ll be posting about this project more and more as the characters and the background are starting to flesh themselves out lately. Technical designs, character concepts, world building and even a little fashion design are going to start creeping in more and more. I’m entering my fourth decade on this little rock. And there’s a newfound joy in the act of making a mark on the page. My best work is ahead of me.

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Nemesis no.6

I have seen the dark universe yawning,

Where the black planets roll without aim,

Where they roll in their horror unheeded,

Without knowledge, or lustre or name……





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Mech concepts (digital)


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Influences seeping in…..

That moment when you’re composing a possible portrait scenario and a Francis Bacon construct appears…….damn you, Bacon. Why do you afflict me so? I’ll admit I didn’t get Bacon when I first came across his work so long ago. It took a few more years of seasoning to fully comprehend his idea of painting a sensation of reality, and not as things appear to our eyes. He wanted to paint concentrations of reality that directly linked to your nervous system. Despite his wit, erudition (Bacon was a voracious autodidact) and natural ability to articulate himself Bacon’s art was remarkably anti-intellectual. It was an unflattering expression of the brutality of mere existence. “I believe in nothing. We are born and then we die” Bacon would often remark. And incredibly, he actually considered himself a true optimist, albeit an optimist……….about nothing.



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Disciple concept art


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